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Workplace Safety

Aussie Tree Services follows the "Safe Access in Tree Trimming & Arboriculture Code of Conduct" under the Work Health & Safety Act.

In accordance with these safe work practices we ensure staff are properly trained, certified, informed and supplied. That all work equipment complies with the relevant standard and is maintained and kept in safe work order.

The staff are;

  • Given training in safe work practices and the use of relevant equipment by a qualified Trainer/Work Place Assessor
  • Supplied with appropriate clothing including safety glasses, hard hats, hearing protection and chainsaw chaps.
  • Western Power trained to work around power lines.

Trained and certified in;
  • Licence to Perform High Risk Work (EWP) 
  • Wood Chipper Operation
  • Chainsaw Operation (AS2727)
  • Skid Steer Loader Operation
  • Traffic Management
  • Power Line Safety (by Western Power & Energy Safety)

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